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  • Menaka natural botanical perfume hand made from essential oils and natural alcohol. Chemical free and non toxic perfume enhances your mood and emotional body. Champa Champaka flower, Coconut, Vetiver and sandalwood oil. A floral with woody undertones. Menaka Apsara
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Menaka Natural Perfume 15 ml

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TYPE | Woody Floral

NOTES | Sandalwood, Vetiver, Champa Flower, Coconut

DESCRIPTION | Menaka was the most alluring and irresistible of all the Apsaras. Legends speak of her captivating beauty and flirtatious nature. Exotic Champa flowers add a soft, sensual floral top note to the earthy Vetiver and Sandalwood oils. Tropical Coconut entices you to lean in closer. It's a fun and flirtatious scent for free spirits.

Our SAARTI natural perfumes use only pure and clean botanicals. Sugar Cane derived alcohol makes a beautiful base to which our exquisite perfume grade essential oils, absolutes and resins are added.  

MEET THE MAKER |  Hi, Im Beck. My passion lies in natural perfumery using essential oils, absolutes and resins from my lovingly curated botanical apothecary. I believe natural perfumes can change your energy for the better and it's my hope that this perfume amplifies your inner beauty and connects you with your inner joy, power and divinity.